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List of Players Looking for a Team

Name Phone Offense Defense
Kimberly Marcus 575-779-1312 Good Good
Angel Apodaca 5757791812 Average Average
Dominic Montoya 5757795054 Average Average
Dominic montoya 5757795054 Average Average
Cameron Black 7139060041 Bad Bad
Cameron Black 7139060041 Good Good
Samantha Tubbs 505.803.5085 Good Good
Katie Browning 8156315554 Good Good
Reo Valencia 5757708096 Good Good
Gabriel Weinstein 216-346-7512 Good Good
F. Cole Anderson 5754190626 Average Good
Liz Kershner 5052699631 Average Average
Joshua george 4235342034 Average Average
Ryan kuykendall 5757704834 Good Good
Jojo Valdez 575-741-6061 Average Average
Joel Martinez 5752245582 Bad Bad
Joel Martinez 5752245582 Good Good
Charles Barkley 575 778 8787 Bad Bad

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